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Thought Partner? What is that? 🧐

As your Thought Partner I will dedicate two (2) hours to your project, idea, thought, dream and/or task.

Day Dreams to Action Plans is a personal favorite. Ever find yourself starring off having the same Day Dream you have had countless times before? Is it a business idea? Do you dream of vacation you haven't had time to plan and price? Do you continue the dream during your daily commute? Well ...

Day Dreams stay dreams when no action is put behind them. During our two hours together we can identify the steps that need to be taken and a lot of times, start taking them. There are also times when talking through the Dream another Dream/Stream emerges. At the end of our session, I will send all that we talked about, including a clear synopsis and next steps, otherwise known as the Action Plan.*

During our time together, brainstorming or you brain dumping, I will help you stay on track while actively listening with an ear tuned to your key mission.

The two (2) hours is yours to break down how you choose.

Strategic planning for 30 minutes and 90 minutes reading through your work presentation, perhaps. Or maybe part of the time is spent discussing how you would like to plan your family reunion and I deliver the research you requested by the end of the second hour.

Past projects have included:

  • Day Dreams to Action Plans

  • Strategic Planning

  • Transforming vague concepts into firm plans and businesses

  • Researching ideas

  • Building Project plans

  • Grant and fundraising research and map building

  • Talking through career planning and research

  • Researching schools (for your children or yourself)

  • Researching vacation deals, packages, and/or creating the perfect package

  • Building social media campaigns and/or posts

  • Creating Vision/Goal boards

  • Speech writing, including research on both the topic and the speaker

  • Blog/Article Ghostwriting

  • Proofreading

  • Copywriting


  • Research recipes and meal planning, based on clients guidelines

  • Gift Research

  • Consumer product research and review (client provide product)

How do we meet?

  • Shared remote work spaces

  • Chat

  • Email

  • Video conference

  • Teleconference

  • In Person sessions**

*The proprietary/personal/individual products/work product is that of the client.

**The parameters of In Person sessions are limited for new clients. Please contact or text 310.421.8783 if scheduling for a One on One In Person session

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